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Technology of building buildings from LSTS - crocus

The technology of building houses from LSTS

Component systems from LSTS are manufactured using the most precise equipment.
This allows accurate measurement of all structural elements during the design of the building. Thanks to this, the houses made out of LSTS will be distinguished by even corners and surfaces.

Characteristics of strength and versatility.

LSTS structures are distinguishable by their light weight. This makes it possible to reduce construction costs by 50%. Also, this feature allows you to mount the wall on a variety of foundations, which is not always feasible when working with brick structures.

The versatility of the LSTS technology greatly simplifies construction. Its use is possible both independently or on par with other technologies. The possibility of overlapping spans solves the issues of variety in architecture and planning.

Ecological safety.
Structures made out of LSTS have environmentally friendly steel, a material that does not emit toxins into the atmosphere. With the constant use of this technology, deforestation will significantly decrease.

Construction costs are reduced by using LSTS technology in the construction of structures of various types (ranging from multi-storey buildings to commercial facilities). Time and labor intensity of the process is also reduced ensuring efficient high quality construction.

LSTS Characteristics


This technology is excellent for building a building to its full completion and all of its elements.

This includes:

  • Overlapping between floors;
  • Partitions inside the building;
  • Bearing structures;
  • Assembly of the roof.


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Small requirements for foundations

The advantage of LSTS is the ability to work with lightweight foundations. This is feasible due to the low weight of the above ground element of the structure. Thus, by implementing light steel structures into your projects, the costs of the foundation are noticeably reduced. By reusing the foundation, old buildings can be refurbished.

If you correctly combine the thermal insulation material with air gaps, then you can achieve up to 50 dB of sound insulation and 1-2 hours of fire resistance of the structure. This indicates the high fire and sound insulation characteristics of the LSTS system.

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