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Advantages of LSTS - crocus

Advantages of LSTS

Light Steel Тhin-walled Sructures are popular all over the world.

Cost efficient
Lightweight steel framing is the cheapest and most efficient framing technology.

Light steel thin-walled construction (LSTS) is an advanced construction technology based on the latest achievements in science and engineering that are used in construction. Automation of production and high-precision equipment makes it possible to produce the geometry of the frame with an error margin of 1mm.

Ease of construction

The lightness of the structure allows you to put it on a lightweight and therefore a cheaper foundation. For LSTS a shallow strip foundation is sufficient. Due to its light weight, this technology is excellent for renovation or extension of an existing building. Fast, easy and accurate assembly method. Each frame element has its own marking. The assembly of the frame reminds the assembly of a children’s construction set. A montage crew of 3-4 people can assemble the frame of a structure with an area of 150-200 sq.m. in 2-4 days. Only an electric screwdriver is required for assembly. Fast assembly allows you to noticeably reduce construction time.

Substantial savings on lifting equipment

The assembly of the lightweight steel frame does not require a crane or other heavy lifting equipment. All elements of the frame: walls, ceilings, truss systems (roof) are assembled, transferred and mounted manually. This is especially true when the construction site lacks a decent access point or there is not enough space for oversized mobile cranes.

No welding required

Elements of a light steel frame are not welded together, but pulled together using self-tapping screws or rivets.

No shrinkage

Lightweight metal frame structures have precise geometry and high strength characteristics. The properties of the metal exclude shrinkage or deformation over time after installation. Structures made of LSTS maintain a given geometry, regardless of fluctuations in humidity and temperature.

Fire resistant

The metal has high fire resistance parameters.
Lack of seasonality for assembly of the frame.
Since the LSTS technology is based on “dry” construction means, the structure can be installed at any time of the year and in practically any adequate weather conditions.
Great possibilities for internal planning.
LSTS technology allows creating interior spaces up to 19 meters without additional supporting structures.

Reliability and durability

The light steel frame is durable and reliable; structural steel with a yield strength of 350 to 550 MPa is used in production. Anti-corrosion zinc coating (275 grams per 1 sq.m., zinc coating with the addition of aluminum or magnesium) ensures that in the long term rust will not damage the metal.

Exploitation advantages

Buildings made out of light steel constructions have very precise parameters. They are well protected from biological influences and temperature fluctuations. Thanks to this, the buildings are used for a long time, which underlines their effectiveness. Renovation of such a building is cheaper compared to a traditional building.


Steel is an environmentally friendly material that is odorless and does not emit harmful substances into the surrounding atmosphere. Steel structures when properly functioning are safe for the health and the environment. When insulating the frame, materials such as: polyurethane, mineral wool, ecowool, expanded polystyrene, low-density aerated concrete are used, thus entirely organic materials that are completely recyclable.

Cleanliness of construction

A clean and tidy building site. Light steel components are manufactured in the factory and depending on the project pre-assembly of the frame elements is carried out. Only the material that is needed to assemble the entire building is brought to the construction site. 100% of the delivered frame is used. Guaranteed absence of construction debris, scraps, rejects, etc.

About our Company

Crocus Industrial Group, was founded in 2019.

The purpose of creating our company was to popularize light steel thin-walled structures (LSTS) in society as a way of fast, reliable, simple and inexpensive means for construction of various structures in various shapes and sizes.

The company has its own production line, perhaps one of the best LSTS manufacturers in the world today, the New Zealand company called «Howick».

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    Residential Building

    Manufacture of Residential buildings from light metal structures.

    Commercial Building

    Manufacture of Commercial buildings from light metal structures.

    Warehouse/Storage facilities

    Manufacture of Warehouses/Storage facilities from light metal structures.

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